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Trusted by 26.000 customers
4.99/5.00 based on 2000 reviews
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Limited Time - Price will inrease soon
Limited Time - Price will inrease soon
Limited Time - Price will inrease soon

Unsen - Multipurpose
Shopify Theme

Unsen is the only Shopify theme you will need to create a beautiful, branded website that brings the irresistible shopping experiences for your customers.

Best seller
Shopify theme

25000+ customers

Top Rated
Shopify theme

4.98/5.00 based on 2000 reviews

Premade Demo

Weekly updating

EComposer Page
Builder Compatible

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40 +

Prebuilt Demo Websites

Beautiful, fresh templates that save you tons of time and effort to create a compelling website


EComposer Advanced
Page Builder

(1200 reviews)

EComposer app gives you the ability to customize theme designs much more flexibly.
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Advanced Swatches

Product colors & images swatches without any additional apps.

Mobile-first Experience

Provide your visitors the seamless shopping experience on mobile.

AJAX Product Filters

Find products quickly with instant filters by size, color, price, catogories and more.

Various Product Layouts & Styles

Increase the conversion twice by
reducing the time needed for customers
to complete the order.

Optimized cart slide

Display products the way your customers cannot resist buying with Unsen conversion-focused product layouts.

Powerful Cart Slide

Extra features on cart slide: Best sellers, Wishlist, Visited items, You may also like, Free shipping bar.

Mobile Bottom Navigation

Make your store experience seamless as
a mobile app.

Ajax Add to cart

Quickly add items to cart from homepage or any where your products shown.

Built-in Mega Menu

Find products easily as piece of cake, improve conversion rate with mega menu available in Unsen.

Frequently Bought Together

Cross-sell on your product page is simple & stunning displayed with Unsen.

Product 360, 3D & video

Showcase products in a way that customers cannot deny to buy.

Free Boost Sales Add-ons

Trust Badges, Countdown Timer, Stock Notification...

Ready Inner Pages

Unsen comes with a huge library of inner page layouts that cover all your needs. From Product, Collection to FAQ, Size chart page, etc., Unsen makes every detail a perfection.

Why you should choose
Unsen and The4?

EComposer fully compatible

Level up your website customization with EComposer Page Builder app which works perfectly with Unsen.

40+ Demo & monthly update

Beautiful pre-built websites that are available for use and constantly updated every month.

Easy demo import

Import page layouts, sections to your theme in a click and start customizing with ease.

Optimize for SEO & Performance

Unsen content and page structures are SEO friendly. We especially focus on loading speed optimization.

Trusted by 25k+ merchants

The4 is the most trusted author on Theme Forest with over 25k users and 4.9/5 rating.

Get support whenever you need

Comprehensive documents, ticket support and join our the4 active community to get instant help.

No more Monthly fee

One-time charge
One-time charge
One-time charge
Features Shopify App Cost Conversion Rate Unsen
Product bundles $100.00 0.7% Free
Pre-purchase upsell $80.00 0.55% Free
In-cart recommendations $120.00 0.5% Free
Free shipping goal $130.00 0.3% Free
Countdown timer $80.00 0.15% Free
Stock countdown $44.00 0.15% Free
Cart countdown $36.00 0.45% Free
Size Chart $99.00 0.1% Free
Popup $120.00 0.45% Free
Cart drawer $99.00 0.4% Free
Smart search $140.00 0.35% Free
Advanced filters $250.00 0.8% Free
Color swatches $240.00 0.2% Free
Mega menu $60.00 0.12% Free
Product quick view $79.00 0.25% Free
Sticky add-to-cart $60.00 1.45% Free
Wishlist $40.00 0.2% Free

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See what people are saying
about The4's themes

See what people are saying about us

"Tyler has been using Kalles since the very beginning and he is completely satisfied with The4's product quality and customer support. Now, he is not only a customer of The4 but he is also a close friend of ours. Kalles and the The4 team have helped Tyler bring Yoga Junkies to great growth and scale the business. We truly feel fortunate to have partnered with and helped clients like Tyler grow their businesses, it's truly an honor for us to see our clients succeed."

"Alice Yu is part of a wireless headset startup. She chose Kalles because of its minimalist design, suitable for technology products. In addition, she also appreciates The4 team for their enthusiastic support to launch Hi+Hear's official website. Thanks for the nice experience with Kalles Theme ."

"Mohamed Abo Jad - owner of the Butikkom brand used Kalles Theme for their online store. They shared that Kalles Theme is one of the themes that has a smart design and meets the requirements for functionality as well as layout. The4 would like to thank customers for their trust."

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Our reviews

2200+ real customer reviews with average rating 5.0/5


Love this theme. I've purchased it twice and recommend it to everyone. There are SO many features that fits any kind of business. Very customisable and the support is excellent.


Customer Support

GSupport for this template is first class. Even going as far as to receive direct contact via their Facebook page .. and my issues albeit a simple one was resolved within minutes. GLWS


Documentation Quality

The plugins I set on this template have all the effects I want to get and they will help me solve problems as soon as possible, with perfect service quality. I'm very happy with the template



Developers do a great job of updating the theme and continuing to add additional functionality, and if there is any issues their customer service is very quick in resolving any issues.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Unsen?

With more than 5 years of experience and bestselling Shopify themes like Kalles, Gecko, Basel...We are confident in our ability in this field, we have spent a lot of time listening to our customers and understand their desires, that's why we developed Unsen. In addition to product quality, we also focus on providing the best experience through after-sales service, which is also why Kalles has nearly 1000 5-star reviews.

What's the difference between Kalles, Gecko and Unsen?

Shopify themes vary in design, each product is designed in a different style. For example, Gecko is designed in a classic style, Kalles is designed in a clean, minimalist style, but Unsen is designed with a modern, colorful style. The features are similar and in the future we will use the same core set, this allows whether you buy Gecko, Kalles or Unsen you can still easily configure the features easily.

Why use Composer together with Unsen?

Basically, please understand that EComposer and Unsen (or Kalles) are not related, which means you cannot configure themes using EComposer. By using EComposer you can create sections/pages as you want and use them in conjunction with Unsen, for example you can create a section called testimonials to your liking and use them in conjunction with Unsen's theme sections. Or you can build a landing page for your black friday campaign and use it regardless of whether Unsen can do it or not. EComposer is a powerful page builder and if used with Unsen or Kalles, it will give you a professional and eye-catching online store.

Will the price of Unsen increase in the future?

Sure yes, you can see Kalles and Gecko are on sale for $89 and $99, which is the real value of the theme. However in the early stages of Unsen's release we will sell it very cheaply because the first thing we care about during this time is to improve the product. After reaching certain sales milestones, the price will be increased to $ 39, $ 49, $ 59 ... 99 $ respectively. The4 products are all quality assured, we don't focus on building too many products, we take our time to make some of the best. So this is your best time to buy a high-quality Shopify theme that costs as little as a cup of coffee.

Hurry up, the price will increase soon.

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No coding knowledge required
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