Kalles FAQS
Frequently Asked Questions

What type of theme is Kalles?

It is a Shopify theme. It will run on only Shopify Platform only.

Will it run on any other CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla?

No, it will not.

It is an HTML5 template?

No, it is a Shopify theme.

Is the price of the theme one-time or recurring (monthly/yearly)?

The payment is one-time. After you pay the one-time price of the theme, you will never be charged for it. But you can buy extended support after your support expires after 6 months.

How many websites can I use Kalles in?

According to Envato’s licensing, you can use Kalles or any other theme on only one website. If you want to use it on multiple websites, you must buy multiple licenses.

What page builder is integrated into Kalles?

Kalles comes with “Shopify 2.0 with Section everywhere” which is a very advanced, drag-n-drop page builder.

Is the theme supported?

Yes, Kalles comes with ThemeForest’s standard 6 months support. We conduct the support via theme’s “Comments” section and also our support ticketing system.

What happens after my support is expired?

After the 6-month period is over you can buy extended support. You can buy extended support in the beginning, too. I that case you get a 1-year support in total.

Is Kalles Shopify 2.0 compatible?

Yes, Kalles is compatible with Shopify 2.0 which allow you use section everywhere.

Can I use all the Home page demos in a single website?

yes, you can use all the Home demos in a single website.

How many sections are there in Kalles?

There are over 25+ sections in Kalles. You can use any section into any page as you want and mix them to have your own page.

Is Kalles mobile device optimized?

Yes, Kalles is fully mobile-ready. It will look equally good on all major devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Can I change font, color etc. of the theme?

Yes, you can use any color or font from the Theme Options.

What is your refund policy?

We comply fully with Envato’s refund policy. We issue refunds for the reasons Envato permits us to give refund and we don’t issue refunds on the cases Envato does not guarantee refunds. Please check Envato’s refund policy: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

We conduct the support via theme’s “Comments” section and also our support ticketing system.

We try to respond to all questions, comments, tickets as quickly as possible. But our standard response time is 1 business day

What things are covered in support?

In brief, we are responsible for the features that are advertised in the theme. So we will do the following:
- Solve bugs if there is any (bug means if any feature is not working as it should)
- If you have any question we will answer it
- After your installation if you face any issues/bugs, we can look into your website or server, but we don’t guarantee any solution or custom works there.

What are NOT covered in support?

- Installation service
- Any custom works
- Fixing of any bug that arises after you install the theme and have done any custom works. If you have just a fresh installation and run into issues, we might look into the issue (as mentioned before).
- Very often it is seen that the theme works fine on a fresh installation but after buyer adds
some things to it, he runs into issues. We are not responsible for solving issues that happened after any custom work is done by the buyer.