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Elessi Modern 10

Awesome Demos

Pick the one you need from one of our distinct and unique demos with super easy 1 click installation.
Perfectly designed to start your online business.


EComposer Advanced
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EComposer app gives you the ability to customize Elessi designs much more flexibly.
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Useful Inner Pages

Elessi comes with tons of useful inner pages that will come handy while creating your website and we covered almost all major niches of startups, agencies and related businesses.

Conversion Optimization

Choose one of styles or cutomize easily your site following your ideas.

Conversion Optimization
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Notify Email
Sticky Add To Cart

Conversion improving features included

1 - Optional Wishlist functionality

2 - Optional Compare functionality

3 - Previous and next product navigation

4 - Upsell by displaying the sold number

5 - Variation Color. There are a lot of styles optional about it

6 - Variation Size. There are a lot of styles optional about it

7 - Stock progress bar display

8 - Increase trust with security badges

9 - Include reasons to purchase

10 - Social media sharing icons

11 - Estimated Delivery Time

12 - Upsell by displaying the online visistors

13 - Sticky header with a call to action on scroll

14 - Allow customer pre-ordered product

15 - External/Affiliate Product. Link to the External Amazon, eBay

16 - Email to the customer when stock available

17 - FOMO popup highlighting previous sales.

19 - Allow customer pre-ordered product.

20 - External/Affiliate Product. Link to the External Amazon, eBay, etc.

21 - Email to the customer when stock available.

22 - Sticky header with a call to action on scroll.

Special Features

Elessi is based on world's #1 eCommerce platform - Shopify.
It come with standard and advanced features of Shopify.

Cart (Off Canvas)

Cart (Off Canvas)

Cart (Popup)

Quick Shop (Popup)

Cart (Popup)

Quick view

Cart (Popup)

Ask a Question

Cart (Popup)

Shipping bar notification

Cart (Popup)


Designed for Mobile

This is Elessi Mobile Layout demo. Please scan the QR code on your right with mobile device to have an authentic experience. (This demo only for mobile)

Mobile Shop
QR Code Shop

Scan QR Code above to view a live demo on your mobile divice

Mobile Shop
QR Code Single Product

Scan QR Code above to view a live demo on your mobile divice

Mobile Shop
QR Code Shop Filters

Scan QR Code above to view a live demo on your mobile divice

Stunning elements & pages

A large variety of special sections - creative product showcase, creative categories,
deals, offers, sales - all are includes in Elessi.

Core Features

And we are not done yet! Here are even more features of Elessi which will amaze you.
Let’s rock and roll together!

One Click Demo Import

Import demo with easy one mouse click.

One Click Demo Import

Color, Label & Image Swatches

Elessi comes with a lot of different product swatches: images, boxes, colors, and underline.

Color, Label & Image Swatches

Gallery Hover Styles

Elessi supports 7+ different gallery hover styles for product images on the shop page.

Hover Styles
Cart icons

Cart icons

You can find 7 different, custom-made, cart icon styles. You can also change size and color.

Video Viewer

Video Viewer

Assign videos to your products. The featured videos will be played in a light-box.

360° Viewer

360° Viewer

Assign 360° Images viewer to your products. The featured videos will be played in a light-box.

RTL Support

LookBook Built-in

The stunning Lookbook allows you to include information on items as well as spotlight sales points for your brand’s best outfits.

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Fully Customizable

Powerful your store
with Shopify 2.0

Drag & Drop Editor

Super Flexible

Easy to Use

Responsive Editing

Upsell Features

Fast Loading

Awesome Blogging

Clean Blog Layout

Display your best articles in a grid, masonry style, or an unique minimal layout. A wide range of layouts for displaying your blogs and capture audiences’ attention

easy marketing

Compatible with Growave

The all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify stores.

Growave extends your marketing with powerful tools for photo reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, and UGC.

Fully Typography Control

Use any Google Font and Shopify Font

With Elessi, you can use any Google font or Shopify font. If you want to use Custom fonts, we strongly recommend Fontify, we also have font installation service.


Performance & SEO optimized

Speed is one of the most crucial aspects of any website. Elessi is lightweight and optimized for the best performance and security.